Committed to Excellence

LDT Pharmaceutical Division is Turkey’s leading supplier of pharmaceutical and veterinary raw materials. Founded in 1985, is a very dynamic and efficient department of the company leaded by experienced consultants specialized in the business of supplying pharmaceutical and veterinary raw materials from China and Korea.


In order to better serve our customers at first hand, we have also invested in China in partnership with WUXI HEXIA CHEMICAL COMPANY, and thus are able to investigate for the right source and offer a wide range of high quality raw materials from China at the most competitive prices.


Levi Dıs Ticaret A.S. has also the honor to represent exclusively on the Turkish market SUHEUNG CAPSULE CO. LTD, world's leading manufacturer and exporter of empty hard and soft gelatin capsules.


Our Team of Consultants:

Mrs.Donna Barokas

Mrs. Alida Levi Ibrahimzade



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